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een onions contain a great deal of oxalic acid. When calcium meets oxali▓c acid, the calcium oxalate they form destroys calcium. If one eats bean curd mixed with green

onions ov▓er a long time, it can lead to a lack of calcium causing s▓pasms, osteomalacia and fractures. Milk an▓d chocolate Beli

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eve it or not, milk and chocolate do not match. While milk is rich in protein and calcium, chocolate contains oxalic acid. Eaten tog

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n. BEIJING, Feb. 24

▓ether, the calcium from milk and the ox▓alic acid of chocolate can combine and form insoluble calciu▓m oxalate, which

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is not only indigestible but also can cause diarrhea. Milk and pomelo The protein in milk can react with the fru

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it acids in pomelos and make one's stom▓ach feel bloated. The acid can also over-stimulate the stomach and cause diarrhea.

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Lactic acid drink and ham Many people like having a sandwich with yogurt. However, ham and bacon in sandwiches, when taken with yogurt

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, could cause cancer. To extend the preservation of meat products, producers add nitrate to prevent decay and botu▓linus. But when nitrate meets

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ng. However, if taken together with▓ eggs, it can reduce the activity of protease, w▓hich helps the body assimilate protein. Eggs

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are, of course, very rich in protein. Various countries coping with the food crisisDuring the food summit, peo

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ple in the world's most populated ▓Arab country Egypt are complaining about high food prices. And Latin American countries are taking various measures to cope with

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rising prices. Egypt is dependent on imported food and has been wracked by social unrest as many peop

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le struggle with stagnant wages and high inflation.Mohamed Farouk, Cairo resident, said, ▓"Before, with ten Egyptian pounds, ab

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▓out 1.87 US dollars you could get a bottle of oil and one kilo of sugar but now it does not even buy one b

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ook out for those that might result in ba▓d reactions. She offers some tips for Shanghai Daily r▓eaders. Category 1: S
oybean and milk products B ean▓ curd and spinach When bean curd and spin ach are eaten at t▓he s ame time, they affect absorption o f c▓alcium and may lead to blockages in the abdomen . Spinac▓h contains o xalic acid, wh ich can react with the calcium ▓in bean c urd in the intes tines and form insoluble p recipitates of cal 河间市wap 天全县5G 竹山县wap 天全县5G 东平县5G 武邑县wap 公安县5G 德惠市5G 平乡县5G 个旧市5G 仙游县5G 勐海县wap 德惠市5G 渑池县wap 宾川县wap 双牌县5G 泗阳县wap 郧县wap 河北区5G 营山县5G 传奇私服的目录朝不到 最新单职业传奇私服 散人传奇私服网 传奇私服gm刷元宝命令 单职业迷失传奇私服网 今日新开热血传奇私服网 超变态传奇私服65535 单职业传奇私服外挂免费版 传奇私服攻沙几点结束 新开传奇私服发不网